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You Have Solved The Riddle Of The Jacks

Congratulations, by visiting this page you have moved us one step closer to upgrading the Moonflight first player marker! As an added reward we have included a gallery featuring the first character sketches and inspiration for the Jacks that may make up the first expansion for Moonflight. 

We always design with an eye to continuing support for our games, usually this takes the form of giving possible options for future expansions. In Moonflight this can be seen by the inclusion of rules to allow players to build their Jacks market place cards before the start of the game, despite the fact that the base set does not provide enough cards to allow this. The other way this has been facilitated in Moonflight is by keeping each Jack modular, meaning that we can add additional Jacks freely in the future without disturbing the base set.  

The Jack O' Delirium 

All of the Jacks are caught within the cycle of the moon rise and set, only Delirium has managed to free themselves but by so doing have had to unshackle themselves from the anchor of sanity. They turn and revolve on their own, inconceivable whims.

When designing any expansion the toughest thing is to find new design space that additional ideas can inhabit without simply power creeping on existing ideas. Luckily in Moonflight one mechanic is totally untouched by all of the existing Jacks, namely the Turn. It would have been unreasonable to include a Jack which could manipulate Turning in the base set, players would only just have started to get to grips with this new concept before the game turned it on its already upside down head. However, in an expansion its reasonable to assume that players are familiar with the base concepts and actively want to see them subverted. As such Delirium would be an early expansion option with powers to Turn cards outside of the game's main Turn mechanic. 

The Jack O' Masks and Mouths

Each of the Jacks is at least dimly aware of their other selves, Masks is not only aware of the Jack O' Mouths they are being actively hunted by them. Every mirror, every still pool, every too deep shadow they see their ravenous self waiting to pull them in, and they always reach down to help themselves up. 

The decks are largely defined, and much of the player separation is provided, in Moonflight by the suits of the cards. The Jack O' Masks would be set to manipulate those suits, introducing a much higher degree of iteration. They would also be intended to introduce some level of reactive play, which would find its greatest expression in the Jack O' Mouths, intended to be a trap laying deck. This Jack would form the basis for an expansion including a range of reactive cards which could be used to market build for the other Jacks. This concept was avoided in the initial base set release as undermining the potential for solo play.   

The Jack O' Theft and Gifts

In a town where being over burdened is the greatest danger unwanted charity can become the greatest sin. The Jack O' Gifts joyously bestows presents that it knows cannot be returned to those who will be most weighed down by them. Their joy at seeing their neighbors wallow in the morass is only increased by the knowledge that each gift was procured from its unhappy recipient via the powers of the Jack O' Theft.

In game design terms, the Jack O' Theft and Gifts is something that might never exist, should probably be let go and shouldn't be admitted to. Based on an idea that failed to become the Jack O' Bond and Kind, but seems too good to let go of entirely. Put simply, a deck that can take cards from and give them to opponents really should work in Moonflight, but when we tried it, it really didn't. Hopefully if the game is around long enough we'll finally nail it. 

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