Wacky Wacky West

Players: 2-4 Age: 9+ Teaching Time: 15 mins Playing Time: 30-45 mins Setup Time: 5 Value For Money: Mid Luck: Low Complexity: Low Strategy: Mid Price: £30 Recommended: Yes Website: Wacky Wacky West is a re-print of Spiel Des Jahres winner Drunter and Druber by legendary designer of Barbarossa Klaus Teuber (he also did something about people settling some godforsaken island somewhere, but no one ever heard of that game again right?). It’s a weird re-skin, in equal measures more niche and more usual than the original, essentially it makes the game about working to re-build a town in the wild west. At heart though this is a tile la

A Wanderer In The Forest Of Wyr

Players: 1 Age: 8+ Teaching Time: 2 mins Playing Time: 15 mins Setup Time: 2 mins Value For Money: High Luck: Mid Complexity: Mid Strategy: Mid Price: Print and Play Recommended: No Website: Solo Play Review Todd Sanders is very much the Renier Knizia of the Print and Play world, extremely prolific and very high quality, if you’re looking to try a PnP anything from his Air and Nothingness press I would highly recommend, it’s at least as much of a stamp of quality as Cheapass games in this area. All that said A wanderer in the Forest of Wyr is not my favourite of his game and unless you’re looking for a serious challenge move on,


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