Mr Cabbagehead's Garden

Players: 1 Age: 10+ Teaching Time: 15 mins Playing Time: 15-20 mins Setup Time: 5 mins Value For Money: High Luck: Mid Complexity: High Strategy: Mid Price: Print and Play Recommended: Yes Website: Right up front, I don't like puzzle games, this isn't because of any good reason but an entirely personal prejudice. That said its probably a good sign that I still quite like Mr Cabbagehead's Garden. Its a good looking game with an easy to like dry sense of humour, the phases in particular are named with a sort of meta joke that mark out a very confident and capable designer. As a Print and Play this is a pretty heavy build, asking

Ninja Dice

Players: 2-5 Age: 8+ Teaching Time: 2 mins Playing Time: 5-10 mins Setup Time: 0 Value For Money: High Luck: High Complexity: Low Strategy: Low Price: £11.95 Recommended: Yes Website: Ninja Dice is a push your luck game offering players the chance to take the part of Ninjas raiding a house, fighting, sneaking around and generally robbing the place. One player rolls challenge dice to set the building's challenges for the following player. The new player then rolls dice to score icons that overcome those challenges while other players roll dice to try to steal each other's riches. The game is cheap, immensely portable, simple and a solid wedge of good fun. It's clearly


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