Arkham Noir

Players: 1 Age: 14+ Teaching Time: 30 mins Playing Time: 30 mins Setup Time: 5 mins Value For Money: Mid Luck: Mid Complexity: High Strategy: Low Price: £10.95 Recommended: No Website: Solo Play Review Co-op games and by extension solo games walk a tough line when it comes to difficulty. Arkham Noir has an ironically arcane set up system with much of its rules buried in unclear icons rather than text. These two facts are best explained as relevant by my saying that on my first play through of Arkham Noir I accidentally set up on its highest difficulty level and won the game. The game requires that cards be played in sequence to complete lines of investigation with certain ca


Players: 1-2 Age: 10+ Teaching Time: 10 mins Playing Time: 10-20 mins Setup Time: 10 mins Value For Money: Low Luck: Mid Complexity: Mid Strategy: Mid Price: £28 Recommended: Sure Website: Solo Play Review Assembly is a light pocket-sized puzzle game for 1-2 players which did very well for itself on Kickstarter, raising over £19k from more than 950 backers and has since gone on to enter general retail. The theme is a race against time to assemble a ship to escape a space station ruled by a murderous AI. This is a solo play review, and the question has to be asked, 2 is pretty close to 1, so how much can really be lost in such a small player count?


Players: 1 Age: 8+ Teaching Time: 5 mins Playing Time: 20 mins Setup Time: 2 mins Value For Money: High Luck: Mid Complexity: Mid Strategy: Mid Price: Print and Play Recommended: Yes Website: Solo Play Review I've got a game sat on my development shelf called Oligarchy which is designed to simulate a range of governmental systems via simple mechanisms but I've not gotten it to work yet. Luckily I'm a pretty open hearted guy so I was delighted to see Austerity, a Print and Play designed to simulate a range of governmental systems via simple mechanisms, and by and large its pretty darn good. Its a simple build. If you have a good stock of Eu


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