Spaces in Space

So the ship has various locations, one of which, in the vein of sci-fi films everywhere is a Cryogenics pod. Originally, in the game the cryopod stopped crew breathing precious oxygen or suffering morale loss and they could walk in or out. This meant that crew could happily spend a lot of game time in cryosleep, rather than hunkering in there during desperate moments, crying and praying or serving out the last few turns of the game there, in the classic tradition of a range of films. So first off voting rights went out for frozen crew; but the cryotubes remained too easy a choice, walk in on quiet turns, out when things get busy. That meant another solution, so now crew can freeze themselves

The Genesis Project

The original genesis of the SSO mechanics comes from a moment in the Danny Boyle film Sunshine, which I'm about to spoiler in explaining my inspiration so stop reading if that's a concern. In the film the ship's mathematician miscalculates a route, damaging the solar panels powering the ship. The Captain is killed making repairs, leading the mathematician into a suicidal depression. Once the crew realize that there is insufficient oxygen for the entire crew to complete the mission, a discussion arises as to whether to leave the mathematician to his own devices to effectively increase the oxygen supplies. That moment of discussion was what the mechanics of SSO sought to recreate. As such ever


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