Narrative Imperatives

Okey, so, inflexible linear narrative imperative. Thrilling I know. SSO is a narrative game, the intent is to tell the story of your struggle with a deranged human/alien/computer/crew with as few rules interactions doing as many jobs as possible. Now, I've mentioned in this blog already my feelings about boardgames with designed primarily linear narrative, its been done excellently but fails often, requires more resources than I have available anyway and is considerably easier to do in other mediums and often considerably better. So my narratives have to be non linear and non inflexible, I have no control over which order Missions and the Challenge Cards that trigger them occur, nor would I

Manifest Crew

The S.S.O. comes with a wide range of crew, 12 in the base set actually, 4 command crew, 8 general crew. They've all been repeatedly tweaked throughout development, some more or less than others but one that's been the fiddliest so far has been the Botanist. Depending on your tastes and possibly age they are probably either Matt Damon in The Martian or Bruce Dern in Silent Running (or in the case of one playtester Pauly Shore in Biodome and in the case of my wife Charlie Dimmock), the S.S.O. uses Hydro Pods to supply oxygen and so one crew is matched to getting the best out of that pod. But extra oxygen supplies have the potential to seriously unbalance the game. Version one allowed the Bota

Skirmish Game Portfolio

The following are skirmish game rule sets that I've created available for development and publishing: Kingpin - A 50's noir detective skirmish game. Part of my ongoing obsession with trying to put hidden information into a skirmish game. Kingpin is part of a continuing struggle to insert hidden information effectively into a skirmish game. Mystery games generally come as tabletop board or card games with a relatively limited number of plays available. The difficulty in skirmish games is the necessity for one or more players to know the hidden information and to create hidden information that may be reused repeatedly. Kingpin deals with these problems by giving both players both criminals and

Prototype Portfolio

The following are card and board games that I've designed and prototyped. They are available for development, collaboration and publishing. Although some are not intended for release but are designed to experiment with an idea or mechanic. All titles are simply place-holders and should not be taken to represent final intention. Tinkety Tonk: A hand management and card management game of novels by P.G. Wodehouse. Cards Without Humanity: A genuinely unpleasant card game consisting of little more than a series of impossible ethical choices. A.I.: A simple boardgame investigating basic artificial intelligence and emergent game play principles. Speakeasy: A boardgame of timing multiple competing


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