Picking Challenges

The base set of SSO comes with a Challenge Deck representing the ship's A.I. turning on the crew in the style of HAL in '2001: A Space Odyssey', ironic since the original basis for the shape of the game was 'Sunshine' which features a perfectly professional A.I. but gains its horror from a psychotic murderous former Captain hunting down the crew. So from original conception there were two Challenge Decks, one featuring an A.I., shutting off locations and dumping oxygen, and one featuring a murderous Captain, killing individual crew off and lowering crew's morale. But to keep retail price to £15 and distribution costs down I had to choose. Against the A.I., due to its shutting off locations c


The single biggest change during playtesting has been the Activation cards. During SSO each player is given a number of movement cards depending on their number of crew which they then play face down next to their crew cards before revealing and following their instructions. The effects of which are three fold; one and most basically, player options are based on chance whilst being controlled enough to not be random. Two, it means players can conceal their intentions from others until its too late so that if they are opting for non-co-op play they can mislead and betray their friends. Three and most importantly, it means players must have active conversations to coordinate their actions and


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