Design in Detail: First Concepts

Since I'm now a designer on a successful Kickstarter project, developer on a very popular set of wargame rules and currently starting on a new project for release it looks like I can legitimately claim to have a design "process". As I'm starting Moonflight I thought I'd use this as a chance to examine my personal process in some detail. Just to say first of all, stages is a very apt description because by developing a range of projects by stages you allow yourself one of the most important creative tools, settling. It is useful in all creative fields but particularly in writing to let an idea settle. Write it down and walk away, forget about it, give yourself time to fall out of love with it

Scissor Fight!

Scissor Fight! is currently available from our Boardgame page as a Print and Play downloadable PDF. It is a simple game of shape matching a spatial reasoning. It is based on the concept of placing a round peg in a square hole, where pegs will fit through various shaped holes, leaving less and less excess space or stack on holes they fail to fit through. Players cut out shapes from paper using scissors and attempt to place them within pre-printed shapes, while covering previous placements. As such players benefit from cutting a shape as close as possible to the set shape without going over it. Download here.

In/De Duction

In/De Duction is currently available in our free content page as a print and play downloadable PDF. It has two different play modes, both with a similar central mechanic. Players place numbered tokens into shared sums which trigger the gaining of points. In In-Duction players must use this process to figure out what specific actions will gain them points from other players' hidden rules. With around 35 possible rule combinations players should use inductive reasoning and seek points to win. In De-Duction players need to avoid picking up points and will need to observe how other players avoid doing so to force points onto them, with only 5 possible rules deductive logic is possible to hunt do

Kickstarting The Easy Way: Why Me?

Having posted about my experience completing my first Kickstarter and my success therein it has been asked what I put the success down to. We hit almost £3,000 in 12 hours with little or no advertising and ended up 148% backed. So how did we do it, well we did all the things they tell you to do, we were active on Facebook and BoardGameGeek and present at multiple conventions. We previewed our Kickstarter page and had friends ready to back as soon as we went live, but then so does everybody. I honestly think that our relative success came from the added value of games design. Wherever a product is marked up for sale the majority of profit available to its seller comes from added value. A chef

Collecting SDJ: Part 3

At UKGE I finally got into the Bring and Buy. Now its probably unwise to go shopping in such a location after giving your wife instructions for an upcoming birthday, but you can't pass up certain chances. Anyway, what were the odds that the exact obscure SDJ winner I'd find in such a location would be the same one that I'd put on my list and that she had set about ordering that same day? Suffice to say that sadly there is no option under "reason for cancellation of order" reading "husband's incompetence". So, firstly I picked up Cafe International (1989) in a German language edition for £5. I won't talk too much about the game, its quite good and ties together abstract concept and theme bett

Kickstarting The Easy Way

This is a blog outlining my personal experiences with SSO, which is both my first Kickstarter project and my first independent table top game. As such it is mostly full of personal opinions and prejudices and should not be taken as anything more than one man's opinion. I found prior to my Kickstarter that very little of the available advice was useful to me as a low budget, independent games designer. I acknowledge that having engaged in only one Kickstarter campaign makes me far from expert but I hope to offer reassurance to other independent designers who, like me, might well be thinking success is only possible by matching up to the advertising and campaign presentation of significantly h


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