Kickstarting the Easy Way: Heart of the Kickstarter

An enormous amount of digital ink has been split on how to set up and run a Kickstarter and a great deal of it is very useful and should be read by people who are about to attempt a Kickstarter. However, relatively little has been written about the emotional roller coaster that Kickstarting entails. I suspect this is because this is seen as an area that little practical advice can be given about but I'm not so certain. Ultimately, the practical elements of a Kickstarter are possible to foresee with sufficient attention to detail but the emotions and the mistakes they may encourage you to make are more likely to blindside people. The other possible reason less has been written on this subject

Silent Crash

Silent Crash is currently available in our free content page as a low ink Print and Play downloadable PDF. It is a simple bidding, bluffing and social deduction game designed to represent competing to corner the market on various stock market shares. Knowing if you've successfully controlled the market and betting accordingly is the root to financial success and crushing your competition. Download here.

Kickstarting the Easy Way: Pledge Levels and Stretch Goals

There's lots said about pledge levels and stretch goals and I'm a long way from having all the answers, but I do have a few opinions. In no particular order this is my best advice in relation to pledge levels: Stick It All Up: By the time you launch you'll have stacks of prototypes, original concept art, proof copies and more. Every bit of this is a collectible one off element of your game, put it on as a pledge level and have it contribute again to the project. Cater To The Whales: Angel investors or Whales, what ever you want to call them; there are fantastic people who will want to invest in your project way beyond its base or even premium level because they believe in it. Give them an ex

Moonflight Rising

Having been working on Moonflight for a few months now and completing the initial concept phase I've been able to start passing it out for early alpha testing. Technically its not an alpha test since I'm getting people who aren't me to offer their opinions but in so far as the people in question are my three most highly trusted playtesters and good chums its as close to alpha as can be reasonably achieved without developing a borderline personality disorder. Since with SSO I had rather less blind playtesting than I would have liked I decided to get some in nice and early. This involves my striding up to good friends and shoving a handwritten prototype at them while firmly refusing to tell th


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