CE Marking In Boardgames Advice: Reading Your Report

Since our blogs on CE marking are getting a fairly regular flow of hits its clear that this is something people are hungry for information about. As a proud owner of my very own CE Testing Report I'm now privy to information that could be valuable to share. For those reading this blog totally unaware of what CE marking is please follow the link to our previous blogs on this subject: CE Marking In Boardgames Advice. As a short overview the CE mark is a European Union safety mark which can be placed on products prior to sale to the public to show that they are safe for use. It takes the form of a "CE" on products and stands for European Conformity ( specifically Conformité Européenne). Firstly

New-ish Moon

I have recently written about the importance of being both designer and developer when working as an independent creator and so it is possibly ironic that I just had to perform a fairly heavy strip back and re-write because I lost sight of my job as a designer. The designer needs to protect the heart of the game from the developer, which when you're both can get lost in the mechanics of playtesting and problem solving. This, I think, happened in the most recent iteration of Moonflight's decks. The essence of Moonflight is that a player scores only their hands at the end of the game. My first instinct was to make this interesting to the players by allowing them to extend their hands with thei

Solo Game Design Problems

Having spent the best part of a year designing a game with a 1-6 player count I have also been spending that time and a bit longer playing solo count games with a designer's hat on. SSO was always designed to be not only playable solo but to have its single player mode as a central element and a single rules set for any player count. Since I've been playing solo games to research the market and to compare my design solutions to other designers I thought I'd share some general insights. I've come to the conclusion that most solo games return to a few repeated flaws. I don't know why exactly, I suspect it comes from a combination of lower investment due to reduced perceived profits and the inh

Barcoding for Independent Games

Its seems that there is some confusion on the nature of the obtaining and using barcodes on a product, particularly relating to "second hand" barcodes. I've mentioned the process of barcoding in previous blogs so may be repeating myself, but think its a worthwhile risk in the cause of clarity. All the following advice is based on my personal understanding only and pertains to UK barcoding only. A barcode is a series of numbers uniquely identifying your product for the purpose of retail, it is not technically the black and white lines which allow scanners to quickly read this number. There is no legal requirement to have a barcode whatsoever in the UK, Europe or anywhere else so far as I know


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