Importing Goods For Independent Games Designers

As an independent designer/publisher the process of getting your print run from your manufacturer to you can be both a significant piece of work and a mysterious sequence of events. This blog is intended to alert those going through the process for the first time to some of the pit falls. We imported our print run of 2,000 units from China to the UK, specifically from LongPack Games. LongPack organised the shipping for us at a cost of roughly £1,000. For those lucky enough to have worked with a manufacturer in their own country clearly much of this information will not be valid. Time Line Your goods will most likely be shipped over the ocean, need to clear customs and then be delivered over

Pitch and Yaw: Under Sail

Pitch and Yaw is the first of what will eventually be a series of short miniatures skirmish games. It is a fast moving game of asymmetrical boarding actions intended to be played over two rounds, with players taking turns as both defender and attacker. There are a range of pirate themed skirmish games available but Pitch and Yaw stands out by including the effects of a dynamically shifting battle field as would be experienced fighting a combat action on a ship in the open seas. The free version comes with two forces, the unruly and close combat leaning Pirates, and the disciplined and long range inclined Navy. In the full version they are joined by the reckless and numerous Tribes, and the s

Running Cons

Being an active presence at gaming conventions is the life blood of any independent games designer and publisher's campaign. Its not only the most cost effective form of advertising but its the best route for selling you'll likely have available. However, rolling up at a strange convention alone to sell your baby can be nerve wracking, particularly for those of us who excel at rules creation and probability calculation rather than self promotion and public speaking. I've spent a few years now running Gaslands and SSO on the boardgames and miniatures circuits from playtest, beta-test through Kickstarter to launch, sales and in the case of Gaslands, being present at one of the biggest conventi

Barcoding for Independent Designers: Clarity and Legality

It seems that the nature of barcodes is a somewhat murkier and more confusing place than one would expect at first glance. As such this blog is going to attempt to offer greater depth and clarity on the issue and examine more specifically some areas of potential confusion. Decoding Barcoding So what is a barcode? It is an image which can be instantly read by a laser scanner to generate a sequence of numbers which a computer can connect information to. This number can vary from 8-14 digits long. That is literally all there is to it. However, since the purpose of the barcode is to differentiate each product from all other products just letting people pick their own codes clearly has flaws as a


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