Barcoding For Independent Designers: QR Codes and ISBN Numbers

I've written a few blogs on barcoding and for details readers should refer to them. In short you will need to barcode your game if you want to enter distribution, sell in shops or on certain on-line retailers such as Amazon. While you can generate code images for free, to cover your code against overlap will require you to register and pay a yearly fee with your local arm of GS1. Two alternative approaches have caused some confusion with this concept, QR codes and ISBN numbers and it is to clarify their position that I'm posting this blog. QR Codes While a barcode is able to store information equivalent to around 13-18 numbers, depending on your product and region, QR codes can hold informat

Collecting SDJ: Part 4

At some point I decided to start writing full reviews of all my Speil Des Jahres games. This is mainly because while I'm collecting the SDJ winners to study them for game design lessons and mechanics I'm not filled with motivation to play them all, particularly some of the earlier ones. As such this particular series of blogs is going to become more of an SDJ collecting diary and less about the games themselves, my opinions on which will turn up in the review blog soon enough. Since the last of my SDJ blogs I've only picked up a couple of additional winners for a few reasons. Firstly, because charity shop raiding is a fairly luck based practice and I've claimed a lot of the low hanging fruit

Development and Other Thoughts

When I sat down to write this blog or at least planned to write it it was one thing and has gone through being something else since, so sorry if it gets a little vague at points. Moonflight has been through a few re-writes in the last week or two, nothing monumental but it did set me thinking about the stages of development. The initial idea is the fun bit, building the first prototype the tricky fun bit and then the playtesting and adjusting which is the work. If you're lucky each version will show enough progress to keep you engaged. During tests and adjustment there are further stages, basic systems, balancing, layering on theme and repeat. With SSO the engine of the game took at lot of t


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