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While there are a range of excellent blogs online I've always tended towards physical books for reading and reference. As such here are some of my favorite source materials: Specific Works Tabletop Wargames A Designers and Writers Handbook - Rick Priestley and John Lambshead The handbook is an excellent reference work covering presentation and development of rules for a relatively traditional large scale tabletop war game. Its treatment of skirmish games, or any non-standard unit scale war game, is confined to one quite short chapter but it is written clearly and intelligently by one of the most experienced designers in the field. This book will help you write a war game, particularly if you

Legends: Making Tales

Legends is the second in our series of short miniatures skirmish games. It is a fast moving game of extreme events struggled over by individuals of improbable power. The free version comes with the basic rules for playing the game and a single all out battle scenario. In the full version this is expanded with 5 additional scenarios to allow play that is not directly confrontational and a set of upgrades to build your favourite super heroes or super team. Play consists of grabbing a few suitable models and finding something to play as their Gotham or Metropolis. Turns see players performing actions to gain heroic momentum that they can eventually turn against their opponents. More heroic acts


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