Temple Crush: Crushing It

Temple Crush is based on a fairly simple and obvious idea really. There are blocks and meeples in most euro games and ancient temples and pyramids are full of booby traps involving massive blocks dropping on people. At least such is my understanding from a range of movies. As such I set about designing a game where meeples run into a temple looking to nab some gold while blocks try to squish them. The primary mechanic I wanted to get working was shoving the blocks back and forth as new ones come in so that areas are closed off until you clear them and you risk being squashed from the side, which has seemed to work pretty well. The game uses an escalating danger system with more blocks dr

Collecting SDJ: Part 5

I've been off from my mighty quest to pick up the entire run of the Spiel Des Jahres, mainly due to slim pickings in the bring and buys I've been across and having cleaned out all charity shops within a hundred miles radius. But I was running a stall at UK Games Expo and the big boy didn't let me down offering up both Kingdom Builder and Railway Rivals. So, first impressions, Kingdom Builder looks pretty slick, I’ve not played it and just from reading the rules I’m struggling to see how tactical it can really be but I know it’s got a solid reputation and trust the award plus I know how rules look on paper and how they play on the table can be a long way distant. I picked up a copy from the

Graphic Designers and Artists for Independent Designers

Most people in most of their lives have very little contact with Graphic Designers and Illustrators or Artists and so when they come to design and publish their own game they will generally go through a pretty sharp learning curve about this part of the process. This blog is pretty much everything I’ve learned about art and design to hopefully smooth that curve out a little. Which is who? First of all, a couple of definitions. Artists or illustrators are different from Graphic designers. While they might crossover its very rare to find someone who does both so its best to know what it is that they do before you start. Artists or illustrators create artwork. They make the actual pictures

Moonflight Development: The Moon is High

So I’ve just come back from UK Games Expo, which was a great experience, I’ve been able to watch members of the public playing Moonflight for the first time and the response has been fantastic and I’ll write about that later but something else occurred to me at various points. Specifically, how the game has changed over its development. This stuck out for me because on the stand I had a stack of leaflets that we wrote back during SSO fulfillment so we could send it out with rewards, and a standee that I wrote for the first convention I attended once I had a first set of card art back. As such I spent three days looking at a series of sentiments about Moonflight that weren’t one hundred pe


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