How I write Skirmish games: Bloat, Creep and Grognard Capture

That’s an appealing collection of words for a title, right? For those unaware, those unpleasant sounding terms are all things that can happen to game systems over time, I’ll take a second to explain what they mean, or at least what I mean by them. Bloat is when more and more content is added to a game with additional releases, usually additional forces, over time. The result tends to end up being either forces that are significantly generic because the necessity for new units being able to do something new in a limited design space results in every side being able to do everything, or systems with so much content that keeping up feels like a full time job, and not a very pleasant one. Creep

Kickstarter Rules

Which is to say, the rules set by Kickstarter, rather than an exclamation that Kickstarter is very splendid (not to say that it isn’t). I’ve sat down to write this blog a couple of times now, and I find myself struggling. It was just recently that I realised that the reason I’ve been having a hard time with it is that those rules are themselves worryingly nebulous. Now, I’m a Kickstarter Creator, and I expect to be for at least the next couple of years. I couldn’t bring out games anything like as rapidly as I currently do without Kickstarter to cover launch costs. As such, I’m not certain how I feel biting the hand that feeds me, that said, I have a vested interest in bringing up problems th

Shoestring Cons in detail

I’ve written before about having a convention presence for a low entry price, and I’ve been asked once or twice for more details and specifics, so here are a few. Labour Exchange First of all, there are two ways of having a convention presence, you can spend money or you can spend time. There is no option for doing it with both a low input of time and cash. I recently outlined to another creator how to have a convention presence by the input of time rather than money and was met with the response that they could just go to work, earn money and spend that money on advertising for the same effect. There are a few issues with this, one is that the sort of organic marketing that comes out of con

Negativity exists – The tricky relationship of Kickstarter Creator and Backer

Let me just open by saying, I believe in people. I think that on the whole they are smart and generous, kind and decent. Personally, I’m a pretty optimistic character, I think that to try to make a career in tabletop games and launch on Kickstarter specifically you probably have to be. That might sounds like an introduction that’s leading up to a but, and it sort of is, though not entirely. I also believe that it is when a person can do nothing for you or to you their following actions show you what sort of person they truly are. The majority of interactions one has over the internet are with people that you can neither help or hurt, and so people feel licensed to act however they actually w


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