Getting The Best Out of BGG for Kickstarter Creators

I’ve seen creators asking how to get the best out of BoardGameGeek, the primary boardgame fan site online, and it has to be said, it’s a place with a steep learning curve. It has a lot to offer, but its not always obvious how to get at it, so I’ll try to express my opinions on it and offer what help I can here. Before I start, Boardgame Geek is a resource, but also a form of social media, so all the advice that I’ve given on social media stands there, also, Gatekeeper Gaming have an excellent blog on the basics of getting on with BGG, though I will go over some of their points here. Cover the Basics BGG is a huge resource, full of helpful people and absolutely tons of articles and documents

How I Write Skirmish Games: Skip To The Good Bit

Skirmish games have what I call generic rules. I hate generic rules, I hate writing generic rules. I’ve written so many versions of line of sight it makes me sick. What I hate even more though, are games made up of nothing but a stitched together set of generics. To help you skip to the good bits, and to recognise if you game is nothing but a patchwork of generics, here are the generics of skirmish games laid out. I generally have these rules internalised and pick and choose them during the grinding part of writing new games. These rules supply the framework of multiple different, but equally generic, versions of skirmish games and would require that alternate options be deleted to achieve a

How To Begin Designing Skirmish Games

I’ve vaguely suggested in the past how get started on the path to writing skirmish games, but it occurred to me that while I’ve laid out a path on how to write a game, I haven’t said anything about what to do before that. As such I thought it might be useful to set out a little set of exercises with some directions to help people learn the ropes of becoming a skirmish game developer/designer. If you are interested in writing skirmish games you’re lucky because the rules are so much more modular and easy to tinker with than the most mod-able boardgame, however, step one is not to just write your own game. Step One – Check-self prior to wreck-self The very earliest step I can suggest is to do

Graphic Design for people who don’t know anything about graphic design

Right off the bat, I want to make very clear, this is in relation to designing your Kickstarter page only. Unless you're a professional do not do your own graphic design on your game itself, the money you ‘save’ will be spent several times over with needing to re-do files over and over, and even when you manage it, they’ll likely not look up to standard. Your Kickstarter page is a different beast though, you can get away with designing it yourself, it has a real limit on what you can do and on what is a good idea to do. You can get to a reasonable level from being self-taught on this side of things, I’ve certainly picked things up as I’ve gone along and have got to a sufficient level to get


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