Quotes, Components and Companies

By a huge distance the most important thing to get right when looking to become an independent games designer and publisher or self-publisher is the quote for printing. Many first-time publishers will look to PoD services which offer 500 or less as a print run or will even offer a print run of exactly the size you’re looking for. While this can allow a project that just wants to exist in the world to happen, it will never be a viable option for an ongoing or profit-making project. Even if it isn’t necessarily your intention to make money or launch a company off your project I would still seriously suggest getting a quote for your game from a company that offers a minimum print run of around

What to do Post launch: Kickstarting the Easy way

You’ve set up your page and tested your game to oblivion, you’ve got your fulfilment company ready to go and you’ve priced your full logistics chain out. You’re ready to hit launch, but you don’t know what the next 48hrs will bring. Firstly, calm yourself, no-one dies. Secondly, there are a few things you can be prepared with and for. FAQS Kickstarter has an option for posting FAQS, essentially these are additional pages for your Kickstarter in which you can explain things that are important but boring or relevant to a smaller group of people than your standard backer. To be honest, you should be answering the really frequently asked questions about product, price and shipping in your page,

Playing on Tabletop Simulator

I would think that what I say in this blog goes for Tabletopia also, I wouldn’t know specifically as I’ve not played on both platforms, but I don’t see any reason it would alter. I play on Tabletop Simulator (TTS) because that was the one that a friend was using, rather than from any inherent belief in the superiority of one platform over another. There are also other digital tabletops other than those two, and I’m not disparaging any of them either. I was resistant to playing on TTS at first. I went to a regular gaming club and I got my fair share of additional gaming at conventions and the like, so I really saw no reason to pay for the right to be allowed to play games on a digital table w

Building your TTS mod

With lock down still ongoing (I’m writing this blog at the start of July 2020 in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic) more and more gaming is taking place on entirely virtual tabletops. There are a range available, but the one that I’m familiar with is Tabletop Simulator. Whatever the future holds though, TTS will remain a useful resource for the playtesting and dissemination of games for independent designers. All the tools you need to design a mod for your game are available for free providing you have the relatively cheap program (currently £15 on steam). When launching a Kickstarter anything that shows you are willing to let backers try before they buy is a huge benefit, even if they


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