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Updated 1st June 2020: This blog will talk about certain forms which you need to fill out in order to put a CE mark on your game. Since originally posting it the links to the British Toy and Hobby association resources are no longer free. Please check out our blog CE Marking Advice: Technical Documentation for new resources. Updated 27th April 2018 to include EN71-3:2013 and includes the latest changes to EN testing regulations. The following Blog is intended as a guide for independent games developers concerned about safety marking on card and board games. Firstly let me say I have no relevant qualifications whatsoever and my opinion should be taken on such a basis. However, I'm fairly good

Time to die.

SSO contains player elimination. For those who haven't immediately sworn to never have anything to do with the game on that basis, let me justify such a blasphemy to the world of modern gaming. Firstly, SSO elimination is both largely theoretical and almost always a harbinger of total defeat. Your teammates will always have the option to return you to the game unless they are only a few turns from collectively losing, so elimination is unlikely to last for long. Throughout playtesting few players have even been eliminated and none more than two or three turns before the game ends. Secondly, SSO is a game of death and sacrifice, there will come games where players have the option to take one

Further Challenges

I've been testing and tweaking the base game and first two decks for around 5 or 6 months now, and that was after some pretty carefully considered initial writing and a few months of massive overhaul. Which means for about 3 months the changes I've been making have been slight tweaks and future proofing against later expansions. But I just started testing the following four decks that might make it into the Kickstarter. The new decks are: "Parasite" representing an alien parasite infecting, replacing and killing the crew; "The Wonder of Wubs" representing a series of tiny fluffy aliens choking off the ship; "The Collective" where the crew splinter off into factions and mutiny against the Cap


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