Candy Vs Apples

Candy Vs Apples is a bag builder with a dexterity element suitable for all ages.

It is a 2+ player game with a 45 minute playing time. Players compete to purchase and place the most tempting candy in their neighbourhood to earn the most treats and avoid tricks before Halloween night is over. Players must manage and exchange their existing apples to clear out the candy shop in a basic bag building format accessible to anyone old enough to be interested in candy. It includes a simple dexterity element to keep things interesting and play amusing.  

Candy Vs Apples is a Print and Play game from Man O' Kent Games. It requires at least four cups and a range of coloured dice. Game play can be extended by introducing D8s and D10s but only requires standard D6. 

The free version includes everything you need to play Candy Vs Apples. 


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