Song of Tales features a choice of eight narrators divided into four traditions of folk tales.  Anyone can tell any tale, but telling those from your narrator's tradition will gain bonus points if you can complete your tale.

Of all the traditional tales of the Arabian peninsula the cycles of the 1001 nights as related by the princess Shahrazad and that relating the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor have most captured imaginations the world over.  In Song Of Tales players will have the chance to take on the role of one of these legendary narrators.


Of all the narrators in the history of folk tales, none so directly uses the power of stories as directly and effectively as the wise and lovely Shahrazad.  She uses the sheer wonder and fascination that these tales produce alone to save not only herself and her sister, but many others.

In Song of Tales Shahrazad's tales are varied and flexible, telling many tales and taking many forms.

SINBAD The Sailor

The story cycle of a lost sailor battling adversity recurs across history, but few relate it with the strange mix of simultaneous self deprecation and aggrandizement that Sinbad the Sailor manages in his tales.  Sinbad always has another tall tale of strange lands and unlikely creatures.

In Song of Tales Sinbad's tales inevitably include narrow escapes from strange and deadly situations.


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