Craft Bomber

Craft Bomber is a combination of Euro game and crafting. Choose your craft, plan your campaign and craft bomb. 

It is a 3-6 player game and runs to roughly 60-120 minutes play time. Craft Bomber is a resource and hand management game where players must use drawn cards to plan a craft bombing campaign in fabric, paper or clay; scoring based on the success and difficulty of the final campaign. Players will need to physically craft their bombing elements during between turn time, effectively removing player down time and adding an artistic, crafting, dexterity element.


The game will require a game board, cards and counters, but also a block of coloured origami paper, plasticine, ribbons and coloured twine. It may be expanded with additional crafting subject cards and challenges or even additional craft styles and elements such as shop dropping, rock hiding, or graffiti. It would market well to families looking to encourage creative play, players who find the cultures of crafting and board gaming attractive and those who find games such as “Cranium” attractive but ultimately lacking in depth for repeated or return play.  


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