Duet is a game of rhythm, memory, wits and dexterity allowing players to engage in a call and response duet without singing a note.    

It is a 2 player game running to roughly 20 minutes play time. The game consists of 1 player setting out, revealing and then obscuring a set of note cards to a set rhythm, as the "call". The other player must then replicate the "call" as the "response". Successful rounds allow more cards to be placed into the "call" as well as scoring victory points for the successful respondent. 

Designed to recreate the experience of call and response sea shanties, Duet is a real time physical experience of interactive memory and dexterity set to a musical beat. 

Currently in Alpha testing, Duet is a future project for release from Man O' Kent Games. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on all future releases.  

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