In/De Duction

In/De Duction is an abstract numbers game of figuring out your opponent's goals via inductive or deductive reasoning.

It is a 2-4 player game running to roughly 30 minutes play time per round. It requires nothing apart from the 5 page low ink PDF file available for download and printing at the bottom of the page. 

In/De Duction has two different play modes, both with a similar central mechanic. Players place numbered tokens into shared sums which trigger the gaining of points. In In-Duction players must use this process to figure out what specific actions will gain them points from other players' hidden rules. With around 35 possible rule combinations players should use inductive reasoning and seek points to win. In De-Duction players need to avoid picking up points and will need to observe how other players avoid doing so to force points onto them, with only 5 possible rules deductive logic is possible to hunt down opposing players.  

Designed as a response to a comment in Sid Sackson's book "A Gamut of Games" about the fact that very few games include inductive reasoning In/De Duction is an experiment in the subtle difference between these two fundamental forms of reasoning.  

In/De Duction is free Print and Play, if you do play it please give us feed back and if you enjoy it please try our other games.

Download the free version here.

Check out In/De Duction on BGG here.


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