Legends is a small scale high action skirmish game of super heroic improbable action.

It is a multi player game requiring a set of D6 and 1 to 3 suitably heroic miniatures. It plays out on a 2x2' table with as much urban terrain as players can muster. A game runs to roughly 30 minutes per player.

It puts players into the shoes of any lycra clad hero they might imagine, or other super powered individual, in a battle of extreme proportions. Models can run up buildings to launch themselves into the sky, slam through walls and pick up sky scrapers to hit their opponents with. 

Inspired by both the world of Marvel superheros and the extreme action of films such as Kung Fu Hustle Legends creates a world in which almost any imaginable action is possible with only a handful of mechanics and a couple of pages of rules. 

The free version comes with all the rules needed to stage a mighty battle between generic Super Hero forces. In the full version there are options to upgrade and personalise your Heroes and to compete in a range of scenarios. 


Download the free version here.

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