The files for Moonflight and SSO: Parasites are both with our manufacturer LongPack ready for wet proof printing. 


Moonflight successfully funded on Kickstarter. Currently we are finishing off playtesting with the unlocked new cards and finalising graphic files prior to pre-printing.


Moonflight is now live on Kickstarter!


Moonflight is now available on Tabletop Simulator via the Steam Communty (here). Thanks to Wes Woodbury from FunDaMental Games for creating it.

Pages added for the mysterious Jack O' Bond and Kind and the Jack O' Cot and Hovel.

Glenn has currently got a game featured in Tabletop Games Magazine Micro Game of the Month. Space Planes is a small scale skirmish game allowing you to play a three dimensional space dog fight within a two dimensional plane. Created in connection with Planet Smasher Games' A Billion Suns, released summer 2020 by Osprey Games. 


Moonflight is now available as a Print and Play. Please download it and give us your feedback to improve it prior to our Kickstarter launch. 

Also What Ho! the game of mostly non-violent conflict is available to purchase from our shop.  


We have submitted Dryads Vs Riches to the Boardgame Geek 2019 One Page Design Contest. Vote for us when the voting opens here.

Also our free Print and Play game Temple Crush has been added to the Boardgames section of our website. Can you dodge the blocks and nab the loot?  


Added a video of Bleeped Up Productions Podcast from Bones Con intreviewing Glenn Ford and Mike Hutchinson about their joint and independent work on Gaslands, SSO, Moonflight and A Billion Suns. Find it on our Meet the Team page or on Bleeped Up Productions youtube channel here.


We have submitted 2 new Print and Play games, Professor Quidit and 9 Card Campaign, to the Boardgame Geek 2019 9 Card Design Contest. Vote for us when voting opens here.


Major revamp of the site, the Free Contents page has been remodeled with each file getting its own page either in our new Boardgames or Wargames section and new free Print and Play boardgame Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit added today.


New Jack O' Prophecy and Memory page added to the Moonflight section. New Henry Peters sketches added to the Moonflight gallery.  


Pitch and Yaw our skirmish game of high seas boarding actions has been added as a downloadable PDF to the store. Read about it in our blog section. 


How to Play SSO Guides now available. Thanks to feedback from Backers and players we have been able to produce a set of detailed how to play guides the last of which has just been posted in the How To Play SSO section. 


Concept art for Parasites Expansion added to SSO Gallery. 


Fulfillment on the SSO Kickstarter has officially been completed at the Man O' Kent Games end of things. Everything is now in the hands of the brave people of the Royal Mail postal service. 


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