Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit

Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit is a social game of disagreement, need, alienation and ennui.

It is a 3 player game running to roughly 10 minutes play time per round. It requires nothing apart from the 2 page PDF file available for download and printing at the bottom of the page.

"Hell is other people" was never actually said by Sartre, but how difficult it is to get them to do what you want was the central concept of his play No Exit and much of his philosophy. Needing someone to act against their own self interest when you can neither offer them anything nor threaten them with anything is the essence of his hell, played out here in convenient Print and Play form. 

Designed out of a desire to offer something slightly educational without attempting to teach direct knowledge, Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit is an intentional distillation of the act of persuasion and manipulation in its most basic form. 

Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit is free Print and Play, if you do play it please give us feed back and if you enjoy it please try our other games.

Download the free version here.


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