Pitch and Yaw

Pitch and Yaw is a fast moving skirmish game of high seas boarding actions. 

It is a 2 player game requiring a set of D6 and 10 or 12 suitably buccaneering looking miniatures. It plays out on a 2x4' table with a few pieces of ship furniture over two rounds of roughly 45 minutes for a play time of around 90 mins.

It allows players to experience both sides of a highly asymmetric boarding action fairly, but the system is built to simulate the effect of a highly active environment such as would be found during a pitched battle on a ship at sea. As anyone who has ever walked across a rolling deck knows it effects every action made on it.

Inspired by the gritty brutality of the TV show Black Sails Pitch and Yaw creates a world in which life is cheap and combat vicious, where the ocean is your biggest threat and a shove or a trip over the rails can be as deadly as a cutlass strike or musket ball. 

The free version comes with two forces, the unruly and close combat leaning Pirates, and the disciplined and long range inclined Navy. In the full version they are joined by the reckless and numerous Tribes, and the skilled and elite Privateers. 

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