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Scissor Fight! is an abstract game of visual reasoning for anyone responsible enough to be trusted with a pair of scissors. 

It is playable by any number of people (or as many as you trust with sharp objects) and runs to roughly 15 minutes play time per player. It requires the 2 page low ink PDF file available for download and printing at the bottom of the page, one pair of scissors per player and a decent stock of scrap paper. 

It is a simple game of shape matching a spatial reasoning. Players cut out shapes from paper using scissors and attempt to place them within pre-printed shapes, while covering previous placements. As such players benefit from cutting a shape as close as possible to the set shape without going over it.  

It is based on the concept of placing a round peg in a square hole, where pegs will fit through various shaped holes, leaving less and less excess space or stack on holes they fail to fit through. By abstracting the process of objects failing to fit through a hole, failures can then set the new target. A game which would be expensive and destructive to create physically can then be a good use for stacks of old, scrap paper.  

Scissor Fight! is free Print and Play, if you do play it please give us feed back and if you enjoy it please try our other games.

Download the free version here.

Check out Scissor Fight! on BGG here.


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