Silent Crash

Silent Crash is a social deduction bidding game of cornering the market on shifting resources.

It is a 3-11 player game running to roughly 30 minutes play time per round. It requires nothing apart from the 2 page low ink PDF file available for download and printing at the bottom of the page. 


It is a simple bidding, bluffing and social deduction game designed to represent competing to corner the market on various stock market shares. Knowing if you've successfully controlled the market and betting accordingly is the root to financial success and crushing your competition. 

Originally designed based on a hidden loyalty bidding mechanic for a multi player wargame, Silent Crash became too complicated to be part of another game, but not fully developed enough for a full release. As such we have made it available as a free Print and Play.  

Silent Crash is free Print and Play, if you do play it please give us feed back to develop it into a fuller game and if you enjoy it please try our other games.

Download the free version here.


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