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Being an active presence at gaming conventions is the life blood of any independent games designer and publisher's campaign. Its not only the most cost effective form of advertising but its the best route for selling you'll likely have available. However, rolling up at a strange convention alone to sell your baby can be nerve wracking, particularly for those of us who excel at rules creation and probability calculation rather than self promotion and public speaking. I've spent a few years now running Gaslands and SSO on the boardgames and miniatures circuits from playtest, beta-test through Kickstarter to launch, sales and in the case of Gaslands, being present at one of the biggest conventions in the world while winning industry leading awards. I've been at conventions covering a few rooms in a hotel to those filling warehouses and here are a few pointers that I've picked up.

Just to say, I have no advice for people planning to pitch to publishers at conventions, I've never really tried to and certainly haven't succeeded. This is a blog for independents looking to promote their own creations at conventions.


Know the scene:

If you've not attended many conventions, visit a few trying to see them from the other side, talk to stall holders and stop for demos. Generally speaking conventions vary in size and type (board,