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Running Cons 2: Money Matters and Specific UK Cons

In my last blog on conventioneering I mentioned the idea of generating profit from cons fairly casually and I’d like to be a bit more specific here. Also, I thought it might be generally helpful to review some cons and suggest their usefulness for designers promoting their own game.

Money Matters

I’ve seen it suggested that people should only consider a con successful if they made £x from it. Right off, that can’t be true, whatever x is. If you’re a trader that number is one thing, a designer its another, if you’re selling £10 party games from a tiny booth its different from if you’re presenting a £100 game on a massive stall. So, here’s what I think you should do to judge your success at a con, it’s a two step process and assumes you’re a designer or self-promotor of some kind rather than a trader or working for a larger business.

Step One – Decide what level you’re at ...