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How To Begin Designing Skirmish Games

I’ve vaguely suggested in the past how get started on the path to writing skirmish games, but it occurred to me that while I’ve laid out a path on how to write a game, I haven’t said anything about what to do before that. As such I thought it might be useful to set out a little set of exercises with some directions to help people learn the ropes of becoming a skirmish game developer/designer. If you are interested in writing skirmish games you’re lucky because the rules are so much more modular and easy to tinker with than the most mod-able boardgame, however, step one is not to just write your own game.

Step One – Check-self prior to wreck-self

The very earliest step I can suggest is to do some internal checks. You might think you’d like to write a skirmish game, I think I’d like to write a novel, but I wouldn’t. There are some pre-dispositions that you should probably have and already be doing that are so minor that they don’t deserve their own step, but are worth a quick checklist: