Six Colours Counting

Six Colours Counting is an abstract game of tile laying suitable for family and general play. 

It is a 2 player game and runs to roughly 30 minutes play time. An abstract tile laying game, Six Colours Counting uses see through coloured shapes that players must place in overlapping layers to create new shapes and new colours. Players score by finding placements of equal size and colour.

Tiles resemble abstract "Tetris" blocks and are drawn blind from a bag. Players must place these tiles overlapping at least one already placed, creating new colours by overlapping the see through pieces and score if all sections of a given colour are of equal size.

Created as a totally abstract family friendly entry level game, Six Colours Counting will require ​a set of clear, coloured, plastic pieces and ideally a custom plastic board. Currently in the Beta test phase it has been playtested for 2 players but could easily accommodate 3 or 4. A simple expansion of additional colours of pieces could be used to accommodate a 5th or 6th player. As a simple to understand, classic, abstract, puzzle style game, Six Colours Counting should appeal to casual or family markets.


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