Song of Tales features a choice of eight narrators divided into four traditions of folk tales.  Anyone can tell any tale, but telling those from your narrator's tradition will gain bonus points if you can complete your tale.

The folk tales of medival Europe used repeated motifs of the cursed innocent, represented by the Swan Princess, and the dangerous outsider, represented by the Wolf Stranger.  In Song of Tales if you choose a European narrator you will be choosing between one of these two characters. 

Swan princess

European folktales include innocent victims cursed to change and transform in various ways over and again, some find a way to alter their fate, some to live with it and still others to use it against others.  The Swan Princess is itself a popular repeated motif, telling the story not only of a curse laid upon an individual, but those they love.


In Song of Tales the Swan Princess' stories are of curses made, bargains offered and fates averted.

wolf stranger

European tales always come with a clear instruction to stick to the path and to distrust the dark stranger who calls you into the shadowy places of the world.  Even so warned though the hero will always turn away from the straight and narrow, tempted to step into the darkness by the Wolf Stranger in any of their deadly and alluring forms.

In Song of Tales the Wolf Stranger tells stories of those lured to the edge of the dark places or beyond and the punishments of stepping from the path.


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