Song of Tales features a choice of eight narrators divided into four traditions of folk tales.  Anyone can tell any tale, but telling those from your narrator's tradition will gain bonus points if you can complete your tale.

The folk tales of feudal Japan often feature paranormal Yokai, sometimes malicious, sometimes noble or just mischievous these spirits often took the form of animals, such as the elegant Kitsune or the naughty Tanuki.  In Song of Tales if you choose a Japanese narrator you will be choosing between one of these two spirits. 


In Japanese folklore foxes have the power to change their shape and while some use this power to trick others they are often depicted as faithful and noble guardians, friends, wives and lovers.  When transformed they are often depicted as elegant and attractive, Yokai Kitsune are usually thought of as being wise and long lived, they are said to grow extra tails once they reach 100 years of age, finally ascending to heaven after 1000 years when they gain their ninth tail and become celestial tenko.

Within Song of Tales the stories of the Kitsune are those of monks and maidens, faith and sacrifice.


The Tanuki are Japanese racoon dogs, the Yokai Tanuki or Bake-danuki, are shape-changing animal spirits with a more humorous tendency than the Kitsune.  Once seen as mighty spirits, Buddhism saw them reduced in stature, yet they remain skilled shape changers.  However, their purpose for taking other forms is almost always to make others look foolish, or just for the sheer joy of it.

In Song of Tales the Tanuki stories are of trickery and playful, sometimes cruel, pranks.


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