Soylent Ghoul

Soylent Ghoul is a horror skirmish game seeking to create a sense of tension and horror in mechanics as well as background. 

It is a multi player game requiring a set of D6 and 4 to 6 suitably disturbing miniatures. It plays out on a square 3'x3' table with whatever terrain players have available, with a play time of roughly 60-90 minutes. 

It allows players to experience a sense of true horror and paranoia within a skirmish game's mechanics as well as its theme. By forcing players to chose between panic or danger it increases tension and a creeping sense of dread. 

Based on the short stories of Thomas Ligotti, Soylent Ghoul creates a horrific world where the inevitable interaction of the consumption of human flesh creating terrible darkly powerful ghouls and the dystopian attempt to feed the masses with people has generated an apocalypse of horrible proportions. Unlike many horror skirmish games though it seeks to create an atmosphere of unease and paranoia within its mechanics as well as its background, allowing players to experience a sense of creeping tension within every game rather than just the first.


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