Temple Crush

Temple Crush is a 1+ player game with Vs and co-op modes sending players to a deadly ancient temple in search of deadly ancient loot. 

In co-op mode it is a 1+ player game with a 30-60 minute playing time. In Vs mode it is a 2+ player game running around 60-90 minutes. Temple Crush is a push your luck game requiring players to draw and place coloured blocks representing the temple's traps triggering around them as they search for additional treasure. In co-op mode players coordinate to escape with the most cash possible; in Vs players race for treasure while trying to crush their friends, literally. 

Temple Crush is a Print and Play game from Man O' Kent Games. It can be played just using the printed components and a cup or bag for drawing tokens from, but can be enhanced by the introduction of euro cubes to represent the deadly temple blocks. 

The free version includes everything you need to play the co-op mode of the game. The pay version includes the Vs mode.

Download the free version here.

Purchase the full version here


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