The City


The City

The City and The City is a hidden open information Euro game involving social deduction and area control. 

It is a 2-3 player game and runs to roughly 60-90 minutes play time. The City and the City is a tile laying and worker placement game where players must build and populate sections of the city matching their chosen colour. However, players wear colour tinted goggles during play meaning that they can only be entirely sure of one of the three different colours they can see and with the placement of any other colour they risk assisting the other players. Not until the end game with the removal of goggles and scoring will it become clear who has won and who has lost.

The game will require a set of tinted goggles, fabric bag, a set of tiles, a set of meeples, a scoring track and score markers. As in similar such games (“Carcassone” etc.) expansions including further tiles or meeples will be easy to produce and release. It would market well to gamers looking for a gateway game with some depth that maintains genuine tension over the winners and losers. 


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