The Core

The Core is a co-operative skirmish game set on a dystopian TV show.  

It is a 2 player co-operative skirmish game requiring a set of D6, a handful of custom cards and 1 miniature per player. It plays out on a 2x2' table, terrain is limited to a set of walls and objects to represent the "cores". A game runs to roughly 60 minutes.

It transports players to a dystopian future where they are forced (or tempted by fabulous prizes) to compete in life or death game shows. In the show "The Core" players must hack core locations to shut down a deadly self generating maze, to move around traps and dead ends they will need to co-ordinate movement that must be pre-programmed.

Inspired by movies such as The Cube with a little bit of Running Man The Core is the first of a series of co-operative skirmish games set within a futuristic TV studio.   


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