Urban Nights

Urban Nights is a multi player skirmish game of free running, vandalism and graffiti.

It is a multi player game requiring a set of D6 and 3 urban looking miniatures per player. It plays out on a 2x2' table with as many pieces of city terrain as players can manage and takes roughly 30 minutes of play time per player.

It allows a group of players of any number to play out a fast moving and action filled skirmish game across a table of extremely small size. 

Set in a normal modern city, Urban Nights centers around groups of free runners, vandals and graffiti artists making their mark on the city over night. It avoids direct violence, concentrating instead on area control and violence towards street furniture. 

The downloadable version is a full free game. If you enjoy it please give feedback, and why not check out one of our pay to play games?

Download the free version here.


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