What Ho!

What Ho! is a game of none violent conflict set in a world of 1920s English drawing rooms. 

It is a multi player game requiring a set of D6, some opaque cups or containers and 3 or 4 suitably refined miniatures. It plays out on a square 1' - 2' table with a few pieces of English country house terrain with a play time of roughly 60-90 minutes. 

It allows players to live out the interactions of a P.G. Wodehouse farce or an Agatha Christie investigation. The system removes direct conflict in favour of interactions of a less violent nature, with miniatures needing to follow, spy on, and influence each other to get their way.


Unlike many skirmish games which begin with many uninteresting choices and end with a few fascinating ones as the game becomes clear but combatants are eliminated, in a game of What Ho! the breadth of choices remain as their importance crystallises.

There are three versions available for download; What Ho: Tinkety Tonk, the farce version, requiring players to fulfill a range of conflicting tasks; What Ho: Tragic Corpse, the murder mystery version, allowing players to face off in bluff and double bluff; What Ho: The Whole Boiling, including both versions. 

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