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Boarders and Black Flags is a fast-moving asymmetrical skirmish game simulating ship-to-ship boarding actions in the age of sail for two players.

It is filled with chaotic action and should play out in

1-2 hours. Boarders and Black Flags is a game of buckled swashes and derring-done, improbable heroics and incredible actions rather than a strict re-creation of historic clashes. It models the deadly and shifting environment of a ship at sea where loss of footing or sudden incoming debris can be far more deadly than a musket ball or sabre blade.

Fighters do not damage each other directly, clashes and duels never end in direct bloodshed or visible corpses. Rather, bodies will be smashed into oblivion by swinging debris or lost overboard. Pirates prefer to let the sea do the work.

A Match of Boarders and Black Flags includes two games, as players take the part of both defenders and aggressors in boarding actions. Only after both games is a winner be decided.

Coming to Kickstarter in late 2024, check out the Beta of Boarders and Black Flags and offer us your feedback here:

Follow along with the Kickstarter here:

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