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Song of Tales is a game of improvisation and story telling encouraging interaction and invention.  

Song of Tales allows 3-8 players game (with alternative rules for 1-2) running to roughly 20 minutes play time per player. Players choose from one of eight characters from world folk tales to represent them, each with their own unique storytelling style. They lay out a set of story cards which they must improvise a story around to link them together. If they can do so in the specific style of their character then they can score points. Other players can bid for the right to join in on a tale, offering points to the storyteller for the chance to gain points themselves. Contribute and collaborate, tell your tale in your own style to win.

Coming to Kickstarter Song of Tales features premium engraved meeples and the artistic talents of Liga Klavina, Dawn Williams, Sean Donnan, Obaseun Ogunkeye and Anca Gavril.

Try out Song of Tales on Tabletop Simulator by using the mod below.

In Song of Tales players choose a character from a region of world folktales as the narrator of their tales.  Find out more by following the link below.


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