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Song of Tales is a game of improvisation and story telling encouraging interaction and invention.  

It is a 1-8 player game running to roughly 60 minutes play time. The game consists of a set of partial story cards which players form into a tale with a beginning, middle and end. Game play consists of players filling in the gaps between their cards as they tell their stories aloud, using the story telling styles of their characters. Other players may contribute to and extend a tale, gaining additional points for both teller and listener. 

Originally designed as a tabletop version of Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" Song of Tales recreates both the joy of creating an improvised tale and that of friends sharing and building on each other's creations while placing a competitive weight on those stories.


Currently in Beta testing, Song of Tales is scheduled for a first quarter 2021 Kickstarter launch from Man O' Kent Games. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on all future releases.   

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In Song of Tales players choose a character from a region of world folktales as the narrator of their tales.  Find out more as we develop the game below.


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