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Harken friend,

     It is time to find your place in the dance at the court of Moonflight.  Choose your Jack and face up to three friends in a race to build your powers in this strange and fae world.  But the land of Moonfight fades as quickly as it comes and its people value only what they can hold in their own hands.  Can you relinquish what you fought so hard for when the time is right?  Can you best know when the time is right as the Moonfall comes?  Or will you be left clinging to a night whose time is past? 


Moonflight is a deck builder with a shared random marketplace and asymmetrical player powers, but it is also something different, a deck un-builder.  When the market empties all cards spin to unlock card trashing abilities, the game end triggers only when a player has no

cards in both their deck and their discard pile at which point only the cards in your hand score.  Players must build their deck to afford their scoring cards, but they will need to trash back down to just their perfect hand or be caught holding garbage.

     Build elegantly, Trash efficiently,

          The Moon is Full, The Flight is On.

The core set of Moonflight contains everything needed for 1-4 players to choose their Jack and claim their place.

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