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"...When words are lies and ties just bind,

     Truth is stolen by Bond and Kind…"


           -Trad. Children's rhyme.

The world of the fae is highly malleable and susceptible to the psychic pressure of the mass of human thought.  When that thought forms the brotherhood of the marketplace and the shared language of trade it also shapes the Jack O' Bond.  When a trade is made to gain advantage, value divorced from object and debt signed that cannot be paid, Jack O' Kind is born.  Every contract for a pound of flesh, every tie that binds grows their power until all are tangled in the same web and power flows to those that can slip free most smoothly, and none can unpick themselves like the Jack O' Bond and Kind.


The design of the Jack O' Bond and Kind is based on Celtic and Nordic knot patterns, solid and intricate geometric designs that contain figures and powers alike.  The patterns echo the nature of Bond and Kind, twisting words and contracts to trap all around them until no-one can be sure where the deal began or how it can end.

Bond cards.png

In terms of gameplay, Bond and Kind can generate coin resources at a higher rate than any other Jack, but potentially at a cost as Loans become Debts after the 'turn'

and must be repaid.  They can deal out the market place more quickly, forcing the turn before opponents are prepared and even buy negative cards into the decks of others.  Money is power and opponents

will need to hang onto theirs for longer than they would wish to protect against drowning in mounting debt.  Follow the market and control the bottom line, all is Bond and will be paid in Kind.

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