Jack O' Bond and Kind

“… when words are lies and ties just bind

Truth is stolen by Bond and Kind…”

                                             - Trad. Children's rhyme.

Whenever folk gather there is a language of trade, the cult of exchange calls to the Jack O’ Bond.  Trade brings peoples closer together, it bridges gaps of language and makes brothers of strangers.  Until it doesn’t, and when a trade is made to gain advantage over another, when debt is signed that cannot be paid, when value is divorced from object, the Jack O’ Kind is bought into being.  Bond and Kind personifies the ebb and flow of capital, the market bends to their every whim though they constantly look to twist every word and relationship until their tangled contracts and ties that bind trap all who listen, themselves included.  Once all are entangled in the same web it is the one that can slip free most smoothly who will come to lead and none can unpick and detangle themselves like the Jack O’ Bond and Kind, every word will be twisted, every meaning will have a second side and all Bonds will be paid in Kind.


In game play Bond and Kind can generate coin resources at a much advanced rate over other Jacks but doing so can come at a cost, coins come as a loan, which must be repaid once they turn.  Additionally, Bond and Kind controls the market place, they can deal it out more quickly, forcing the turn before their opponents are prepared and return cards from their hand to the market place.  Once the game has turned they can even buy cards into opponent’s decks.  Money is power and opponents will need to be careful to hang onto their own cash generating, none scoring cards far longer than they would expect to protect against drowning in mounting debt.  Buy and sell while trapping the opponent in debt, follow the money and control the market and none will escape your contracts where you live in the small print and rule the bottom line.


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