The first Challenge Deck to be released following our successful Kickstarter will be the Parasites Challenge Deck. The story told by this new deck is that of a virulent alien Parasite that has infected and wiped out the Omega's original crew. Your rescue team are infected as soon as they step aboard. Can they control the infection and control themselves before the Parasites hatch? 

In terms of game play mechanics, the Challenge Deck used to represent the Parasites will infect and control crew members introducing the first Challenge Deck cards to use the "permanent" key word specified in the SSO Main Rules. Most Challenge Deck cards are resolved and removed, doing their deadly work and fading away. "Permanent" cards persist once resolved, in this case forcing infected crew members to spread their infection and even adding a secondary failure condition to the game if too many crew members succumb. The resultant game play effect is to turn players against each other or force them to quarantine or sacrifice infected crew. 
Tactically, players will need to complete their maneuvers throughout the ship with additional efficiency and elegance to keep infected crew members isolated or risk sudden mission failure. 

The climatic mission of the Parasites Challenge Deck requires players to submit to crew wide blood tests, represented by them voluntarily lowering their morale in the Medical Pod. If they can achieve this, forcing them to share locations or suffer their ill effects of their morale loss without allowing the enforced association to spread the Parasites they will be able to isolate and wipe out the Parasites. If not the infection will be complete and the hatching will begin. 

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