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Launched alongside the Rage of Montalbano Deluxe Expansion, Temporal Anomaly won our public vote to be the first fan chosen SSO expansion.


The Omega has been tasked with tracking tachyon influenced chronotons at a nearby white wormhole, this is causing it to suffer unusual time displacement effects, and even alternate histories.  Which should be fine so long as none of the alternate Omega's histories are filled with horrific fatalities...

Temp Anom example Challenge.png

It doesn't matter if its black holes, white holes, slingshots around the sun or tin-foil in the microwave, when you mess with causality it never goes well, and when you've got a history like the Omega that goes double. 


Challenge cards in Temporal Anomaly will ask players to search

their entire SSO collection to bring back missions from across challenge decks.  If you can focus and open all airlocks while shutting down higher AI functions you'll survive the mission in record time.  Of course, if you can't...

Future, Tense.

temporal anomaly
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