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Turing is a limited communication image interpretation pocket sized filler game for 2-7 players taking 10 minutes per player. 

The Turing test is a thought experiment.  An interrogator communicates with two test subjects, one is a computer, the other a human.  If once the interrogator is willing to make a determination they judge the computer to be a human it can be said to have exhibited true intelligence.  Which is all well and good for the computer, but what does that mean for that human?

Welcome to Turing.

Players take turns attempting to communicate their humanity via a series of abstract images against those selected by the game.  Make a human connection and display intellegence in your patterns to win, simply and only connect.

Currently in Open Beta testing, Turing is scheduled for an early summer 2021 Kickstarter launch from Man O' Kent Games. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on all future releases. 


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