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Moonflight is, at first, a traditional deck building game.  Players begin with a weak and generic set of starter cards, altered by the asymettrical powers of their chosen Jack, with which they will need to gain resources to purchase more powerful and higher scoring cards.  Each Jack also introduces a deck of cards to the shared marketplace that will combine with their own powers, any player is able to purchase any card, but those not from their own deck may be as much hinderance as help.

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The innovation comes when the marketplace is exhausted, at which point rather than the game ending all of the cards in the game pivot through 180 degrees in the 'turn'.  The new card powers will change from deck building to card trashing ones.  The game ends only when one player has trashed enough cards that they have no draw deck and no discard pile remaining at which point players score only the cards currently in their hand.  Not all cards will score when the game ends, by building elegantly and trashing efficiently players will seek to end out the game maximizing their own score while catching opponents with non-scoring cards in hand to win.

For Errata, FAQs and how to play videos click below.

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