Jack O' Clay and Bones

"... and from beneath the land and loam, 

arise the Jack of clay and bones..."

                                             - Trad. Children's rhyme.

The piper that must be paid when the butcher's bill is called, the Jack O' Clay and Bones dances eternal in the underworld of Moonflight. Caring for the lost as ferry man to the fay is a job without end for the fairy folk never die, they treat the journey to the other side as just another dreaming dance, little more than a strange day trip. The Jack cares little for any possible disrespect as those that pay the clay masked ferry man on the outward journey but bring too little for the return will pay the bone price of fealty by which he secures his position at court. Everything that passes will be buried and all that lays beneath the loam is a possession of the Jack O' Clay and Bones. All he needs is the time to sort and sift the soil sufficient to claim his due.


In terms of game play during the first half of the match the Jack O' Clay is the master of deck cycling. When a Clay deck kicks as it should it will pass through deck and discards in a single turn, although his cards are individually weak by cycling and playing multiple cards he can accumulate a good deal of wealth and power. Post the "turn", during the games second half, the Jack O' Bones is capable of trashing cards at a rate far beyond that of his rivals. He largely needs to do so blind, however he is uniquely suited as the Lord of Moonflight's underworld to return trashed cards to play, either to use his discard and trash piles as extensions of his hand or to extend the end game until he is good and ready to finish. Timing the return of trashed cards back into the cycle of play to find the perfect scoring hand as both the deck above and the discard stack below empties becomes the true art of playing Clay and Bones. While trashing can be performed recklessly it is because like all true hoarders Clay and Bones never really throws anything away, the question becomes if you can work through the trash to find the treasure before the moon set comes.       


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